Welcome to Small Shops Mall!

How does it work?

Small Shops Mall is a grouping of dozens of local businesses and entrepreneurs. People from all kinds of business backgrounds and experience levels have come together to provide the community with a one stop shop for an absolutely amazing variety of products.

People come into the store, put in an application, and from there an area of their choosing is marked to become their microstore. They have their own setups, displays, pricing structure, and of course their own products. After setting everything up, they simply go home.

Small Shops Mall has its own dedicated staff. Products are sold through our centralized registers, and the sales are credited to each respective Shop Owner.

Shop Owners restock their spaces on a near weekly basis, and some shuffle their stock quite often. Be sure to stop by regularly to catch the best deals and products first!

Shop Local!

Small Shops Mall thrives from the contributions and support of local business. This gives customers a unique opportunity to support their local community, and get a second to none shopping experience at the same time.

You can support your favorite local entrepreneurs, or meet ones you didn’t even know existed. All from one location!

Unlimited Potential!

Small Shops Mall is constantly growing and evolving. As we become more successful alongside our Shop Owners, we will begin to expand across North Carolina! This means great things for those who choose to do business with us.

If you’re interested in seeing if Small Shops Mall is a good fit for you, check our “Info” tab or stop by our location. We’ll see you there!


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