What if I want to leave?

We get it, having a store doesn’t always work out. Maybe your source of inventory closed up, maybe something came up in your personal life, or even just that your sales weren’t what you hoped after a couple of months.

Whatever your reason, you’re ready to close up shop. In the spirit of our “Low risk, low commitment” policy, resigning is a simple and painless process. Simply put in a written notice or send an email stating your intent to leave by the end of the month, and you’re all set. It is advised to have this notice sent by the 20th of the month.

As we operate on a monthly schedule for processing rent and sales, leaving mid-month is largely discouraged. If you pay your rent for April, and then leave April 15th, you will not be refunded for the last half of the month. Similarly, if you express intent to leave by the end of April, but don’t move out until May 5th, we can either work out a prorated rent balance for you to pay, or declare any sales made in May forfeit.

Please note that we do not permit Shop Owners to move out who have an active balance.