Competitive Points List

  Small Shops Marketplace Traditional Retail Flea Market
Startup Costs Minimal $25,000-$300,000 + Minimal
Financial Obligation/risk None. No long term commitments. Normally 5 years + and $100,000 or more None. No long term commitments.
Weekly Workload 1 – 3 hours 40 – 80 hours + 20 – 25 hours
Paperwork Minimal Massive amounts Minimal.
Max number of locations Unlimited. Grow into any new location we open. Simply have each location restocked weekly. Unlimited. Only limit is the number of leases you can sign with various shopping centers and number of employees you can hire, train, retrain, fire, and manage. One. You must be in your "booth" to sell items and collect money.
Key Concept Stock your store and let the marketplace staff do all the work and take all the risk while you are doing other things. Commit significant resources, hire and train a number of employees, and sign long term leases to try to build a successful retail business. Turn your free time during weekends into an opportunity to make extra cash.
Risk vs Reward Small risk, virtually unlimited reward. Large risk, virtually unlimited potential reward. Small risk, modest rewards.