What does it cost?

Paying to have a Microstore in Small Shops Mall is done in simple, monthly installments. However, the exact amount that is to be paid for a given space can at times be a little more complicated.

Our spaces are priced in accordance with their size. For a normal space out on the floor, the rate is $2.16 per Square Foot. Spaces with a wall have numerous advantages over floor spaces, and as such have an additional $0.50 per Square Foot premium.

For our common 80 Square Foot spaces, this means that a floor space would cost $172.80 monthly, and a wall space would cost $212.80. Spaces can vary in size greatly, from as small as 70 ft2 to over 130 ft2. If you’re curious about what spaces are currently available and what they cost, simply come in or call the store at any time during opening hours!

We encourage our shop owners to advertise their shops as much as possible, and offer incentives in the form of reductions on your monthly charge. You can have your charge reduced by as much as $0.16 per square foot, depending on your advertising efforts as outlined by Small Shops Mall management!

Some spaces have electrical outlets. Use of these, for lamps, a TV, or whatever else, incurs a $20 Electricity Charge. Note that the fee is only charged when you keep items consistently plugged in. Having the outlet available for customers to test products that require it does not incur a charge.

All of these come together to form your monthly rent cost. The initial payment is made up front, and afterwards it is to be paid at the end of each month, and is late on the 10th of the following month (e.g. May rent is due April 30th, and is late on May 10th). A late rent balance incurs a $30 late fee. If you’d like, you can use your monthly sales to cover your rent balance, more on this can be found in “How do I get paid?”