How do I get paid?

So you’ve done it. Your store is set up, items are selling, and the month is coming to a close. The only question that remains is how you are going to get your money.

One key thing to note is that we charge a 8.5% commission fee on all sales. If you have $200 in sales, we will take $17 of this to cover costs (receipt paper, labor, etc.). Keep this in mind going forwards.

The first thing to be sure of is that your rent is paid for this upcoming month. As explained in “How does it cost?”, rent is due by the end of the month. If you have not paid your rent balance by the end of the month, your sales will be used to cover the balance. If your sales do not entirely cover the balance, then you must pay the remainder by the 10th. For some, it may even be advantageous to simply let the rent balance be paid off by their sales and then collect the rest. Always be aware of how the system works, and remember to make sure your balance is covered.

So if you have a balance of $0, then you’ve got a check incoming. On the 10th of the month checks will be ready for pickup. You’ll receive a copy of your financial statement as well as a full list of your sales for the month, and ,of course, a check for the amount of your sales minus the commission fee.

In case that was a little much, let’s use an example. Jim started his store April 1st. He’s made $360 in sales over the course of the month. With the commission fee taken, he is due $329.40. His rent for May is $172.80, and he didn’t pay this before April 30th, so that amount is taken from his dues. Now, on May 10th, he can come into the store and collect a check for $156.60. Had he paid his rent, he would be able to collect the full $329.40.

If you ever have a question about your sales or your current balance, you can always ask a manager and they can quickly provide an answer.